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Spy Tool

The Finnish News Agency, Norsk Telegrambyrå and TT Telegrambyrån are news agencies in Finland, Norway and Sweden, respectively.

Strategic decision making is at the heart of every business. But how do you organize and present the data required for the right decisions? With our expertise STT turned their existing in-house analytics app into a business intelligence platform spanning three different news agencies in three different countries: STT of Finland, NTB of Norway and TT of Sweden. With a common core and separate interfaces for each of the agencies, they were truly able to leverage economies of scale and achieve a level of functionality that would have otherwise been out of reach.

Before the tool's adoption, the news agencies were flying blind, having no information on how their services were being used their customers. Now, embracing our agile workflow, the nordic partners quickly turn ideas and initiatives into working features that enable them not only to have relevant information timely at hand but also develop their business models.

Monetization was previously restricted to bundled packages due to the inability of monitoring use. Spy tool has allowed a switch to usage based billing, which in turn enables more flexibility and better service for customers of various sizes and needs - and, in turn, more returns; a true win-win.

The tool is the winner of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) 2018 Award for Excellence in News Agency Quality.

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